Thursday, 8 March 2012

Indian Angela Gossow : Pratika Prabhune

It was one morning when I woke up and was still in the bed, trolling some internet news over the phone. It was then; when an article about Pratika Prabhune in the Indian Express caught my eyes. For those who do not know her (unluckily) let me introduce you to the bassist turned vocalist of Chronic Phobia, a well known experimental Metal band of India. She is one among the Indian female metal vocalists which can be counted on fingers. If girls out in the world take Angela Gossow as there growl icon, I must say Indian girls should look upto Pratika Prabhune.

She started off in 2007, playing bass at the age of 13. An ardent metal fan who was inspired by her brother. She always listened to everything and kept her ears open to all sorts of music. Drawing her inspiration from bands like Metallica, Arch Enemy, Slipknot, Korn, Deftones, Porcupine Tree,Osiris, Fair to Midland, MESHUGGAH and lots of other stuff.

The first time she played was at a college competition, a metallica song and an original that was bass. Later as the fate called she was asked by her brother to fill in for Bass and later as the vocalist left the band she was the woman to growl her throat out on stage at B69 for the first time and then had some good gigs, like the one at Blue Frog. Talking about the Independence Rock gig she states, "It was amazing, one of the best live experiences I've had. Sahil has always been supportive of us and me and great respect and love goes out to him.."

Also the co-founder of Metalsphere along with brother Pritesh Prabhune who is a stage tech and sound engineer,they look forward to helping and doing gigs related to stage tech, hospitality, live sound and tour management.

An 18 year girl who chose to be a Metalhead  when other girls of the age hardly think of looking outta their Math book. Taking great inspiration for vocals from Angela Gossow and a lot of other female vocalists like Krysta Cameron, Alissa White-Gluzz she has given herself to the Metal race never to look back again.

Personally, I cannot forget to mention my favourite part of her. "The Tattoos" that she caries on her neck and back. The one on her neck comes particularly from when her piano teacher was teaching her to write music and the first thing she ever learned properly was a bass and a treble clef. So they're combined in this tattoo. And the one at the back that's inspired by her beliefs on norse gods of scandinivia. All the elements in the circle are runes that are a collection of letters signifying all the important elements that control our life, and its the achievement of the perfect balance that drives her with the three triangle-looking figures in the middle that are called a Valknut.

And Finally Pratika's words to those who look down at women to be Headbanger and growl onstage, "You're a woman, you're awesome and you can do anything you want and wish to do. Don't be let down, don't listen to anyone who wants to pull you down, because you're not among the crabs in the basket, you're the one chilling on the beach!"

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